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Dennon and Sayhber

Announcing Dennon’s long awaited book!

Dennon’s new book, On the Floor: If you don’t love this…you just plain don’t love dancing! is now available at!

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Dennon Featured in the L.A. Times!
Read: Longtime OCC instructor teaches life lessons by way of dance

Watch Dennon & Sayhber Perform

Dennon Performing

Dennon performs with Ben Vereen and Cheryl Ladd on her T.V. Special . Choreogaphy by Ron Field.

Classes Near You!

Now Teaching in L.A. County, Ventura County and Orange County in the following disciplines:

  • » Jazz
  • » Ballet
  • » Tap
  • » Latin
  • » Ballroom
  • » Musical Theater

Their 40 years of work on stage, in film, television, musicals, concerts and night clubs have made them a valuable sought after commodity.


Also Available for Master Classes, Workshops, Commissioned Works or Lecture Demonstrations.